The Best Clothes for Family Pictures


Clothes Make More Than the Man, They Make the Portrait

Ever look at a family portrait and think, “Wow, that’s a great picture.” The clothes you choose for family pictures can be part of unlocking the “Wow” factor.
A family picture outdoors at Addison Photography.
A family picture outdoors at Addison Photography.

Because of our years of experience we can help you and your family make great clothing choices. We can give you practical, professional advice on how to choose the best clothing for family pictures.

7 Things to Think About When Choosing Clothing for Family Pictures:

  • Choose 1 to 2 colors for unity
  • Avoid patterns, solids provide focus
  • Mixing textures and styles brings depth and dimension
  • Use muted colors instead of bright ones
  • Long sleeves provide a polished look
  • Ladies in darker colors and men in lighter colors makes the ladies appear smaller than the men
  • Dress babies and small children in lighter colors

You can always count on us to help you create the best looking family portraits by choosing the right clothing for your images.

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