Sarah and Beto of Cambia

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with the Cosanos as the musical group Cambia. We’ve worked for Sarah’s family in the past and we were honored that they had chosen us for such a fun session. While visiting Sarah’s family here in the Magic Valley during the holidays, they had decided now was a good time to update their publicity images and called us.  Beto and Sarah had pretty specific thoughts and wanted to utilize the final versions for printed marketing materials as well as web versions.


The Session

They arrived with open minds and lots of clothing choices (not bad for a couple that travels so much) and their musical instruments. They even had an old Shure microphone, reminiscent of the 1939 version.

Yep, I was having fun, and yes the session went much longer than I’d intended. Once we’d finished, Beto shared that he had been asked to  join a military musical group but being in the military was a requirement. So beginning in January, he had enlisted and was starting basic training! So difficult to do, never mind doing it while in your thirties.

Sarah is still involved with music as a doctorate fellow at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She teaches, mentors, instructs, and plays as lead or just stand in for many of the local bands. She even has her own Youtube channel featuring some instructional videos and performances.

Cambia is always available for booking and travel anywhere. Their catalog is very broad but they truly shine when performing jazz. Often you can catch them at the Twin Falls Sandwich Company usually during the holidays. Or, if you can’t wait (and you shouldn’t) you can purchase their latest recordings online at Sarah’s website.

We hope you enjoy the images, imagine them with some jazz in your head. I know I did.