7 Tips for just the right family photo outfits

Choosing the right family photo outfits will make your portraits really stand out.

Occasionally we will view a portrait that simply stands apart from the rest. Frequently this is because the family spent some time and effort in selecting just the right outfits for family photos.
The right family photo outfits will really improve your portraits.
The right family photo outfits will really improve your portraits.

Because of our years of experience we can help you and your family make great clothing choices, as well as knowing just the right locations for your portraits. We can provide you with practical, professional advice on how to choose the best outfits for family pictures.

7 Tips for choosing family photo outfits:

Choose no more than 1 to 2 colors

Normally it’s best to limit your color selection to one color, or maybe a second color for accent. Using a single color will help show the connections in your family, demonstrating the togetherness that you feel. It’s okay (and even usually best) to vary the hue or colors slightly, as all of the same t-shirts or polo shirts can come off as just boring.

Try to avoid patterns

While noticeable patterns are fun to wear in everyday life, we are more concerned about drawing the viewer’s attention to the individual faces within the photo. Solids and soft, understated patterns will let the viewer’s eye move on to the truly important parts of the image, your expressions.

Mix textures and styles

It is okay, and even very desirable to mix and match textures, cuts, and styles of outfits in your family photos. This can help demonstrate each person’s individuality while still being together. Don’t be afraid to mix sweaters, blouses, shirts and jackets in order to achieve some diversity. And different textures and style will help add dimension and depth. Of course, different clothing is desirable for different seasons.

Use muted colors

Again, we’re desiring to feature expressions in your family photos, not your outfits. Bright colors usually draw the eye away. It’s easy to understand if you imagine your family together dressed in just the right outfits and one family member in a bright red top. The term “stands out like a sore thumb” come to mind!

Long sleeves and less leg

In keeping with focusing on expressions, unless you’re desiring a special look (like summer or beach) try to select outfits that cover arms and legs. Our eyes naturally move towards skin tones, effectively drawing interest away from your faces.

Darker outfits for ladies

Quick slimming tip right here!  If you’re female and you’d like to appear smaller next to your partner, wear a darker color than them. This does not mean black! :) And men in lighter colors makes the ladies appear smaller when placed next to the men.

What about babies and small children

If you’re child will likely need to be held or may need help standing out among your family, dress babies and small children in a lighter version of the color you’ve selected. Or possible even white or ivory. This will help them show their size when held, rather than blending in to your top.

Finally, use your phone!

Okay, so this makes 8 tips (we can’t count).
You can always contact us to help you come up with the best looking family photo outfits by laying them out and snapping a quick picture with your phone. Text it to us at the studio, (208) 733-4522. We’ll happily review what you’ve assemble and offer our guidance if you’d like.



Hopefully, these tips will help you in selecting just the right look for your outfits and make your family photos memorable, for the right reasons! Also check out this resource for outfit ideas for mom and the whole family!



Setting up your family photo session is quick and easy. Call directly or click the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page. We’re here to answer your questions. We’ll work together on making your family portrait simply the best.