Family Wall Portraits

Why Family Wall Portraits Are Important to Have in Your Home

Why is it that mom always wants to have the ‘Annual’ family pictures each year. Occasionally even chronicling that year with family wall portraits. Well, celebrating the moments that life has gives mothers an entirely different meaning than anyone else in the world.

Annual family pictures are reminders for us of how far each of our children have come.

The struggles that led to accomplishments, the sports, and interests that have held their hearts from year to year. These pictures greet us each morning as we walk down the hallway and wonder why we have to get up and start our day so early when we don’t feel like it. And after a joyous day, family wall portraits are there to greet us and remind us that without them, life would never be the same.

Sure, we all have our phones where we keep all the family vacation snaps and more. But there is nothing like the family wall portraits that we so proudly walk by and admire every day of our lives.

Constantly reminding us of how great life has been and what it has all been about.


Family Wall Portraits Displayed In Childs Room
Family Wall Portraits Displayed In Childs Room


The holidays, sports, weddings, graduations, milestones and many other celebrations that a mother never forgets but always wants to preserve. Life always goes on; the family wall will never be lost in the mix of life. Decorate your life and home with the true art in life.

For each moment, a mother somewhere replaces a less meaningful piece of art with a personalized piece of art, a wall portrait of their child, scribed directly from her own heart yet seen through the lens of another. The lens of a professional at Addison Photography.