An Honor Bestowed – Giving Back

I believe that occasionally we are presented with opportunities to make things go full circle and this month was one of those opportunities for me.

Logo for Professional Photographers of Idaho
Professional Photographers of Idaho

In 2001, a local photographer invited me to join our state association of professional photographers. I can still remember how awestruck I felt while simultaneously developing a sudden and acute inferiority complex. Rubbing shoulders with the best in Idaho was in no small measure inspiring and it was gratifying to learn that each of them experienced trials and tribulations in their professional endeavors, but mostly that they always endeavored to be professional. In short I’ve learned a ton. More from some than others but valuable all.
In March of 2011 I was elected president of PP of Idaho and couldn’t have been more honored. It’s a group of competitors and friends who strive to be better at their craft. People who are constantly sharing and teaching others just starting out.

Now again in 2019, I’ve been presented the opportunity to lead this group as president once again. But as the circle completes, I recognize that again, it’s my to turn to teach. To share. To encourage. Guess what?

I can’t wait!