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includes the session (1-2 outfits), and one retouched low resolution image delivered digitally. The files measure 960 px on the longest side and work perfectly for most any web use, as well as many business card designs, printable to roughly the size of a credit card. You may order additional image files as add-ons during or after the session. Our high resolution upgrade is necessary for larger uses such as full page ads featuring a larger image of you, billboard ads, or realtor yard signs and may also be ordered after your session.


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What to know about your portrait

It's normal for you to have some questions about what to expect when we create your portrait. Here's some information that may calm your nerves.

  • We’d suggest dressing to fit your client’s perception or view of you and your profession.
  • If you’re not sure, dressing business professional is a great way to go.
  • Smile. Even if you prefer not to. People always desire to work with professionals who appear friendly and compassionate.
  • If you normally wear glasses, we suggest wearing them for your portrait.
  • If you are concerned about hair color (for instance gray), we’re happy to adjust it in your portrait.


  • Long sleeve sweaters and blouses are fine; darker tops can help make you appear smaller.
  • A dark jacket or blazer with a lighter top (white, ivory) can have a slimming effect.
  • Colors should be subdued, muted or darker, avoid bright reds, loud yellows, electric blues, etc.
  • Solid colors are better than busy patterns and provide a timeless look, light or muted patterns are fine.


  • Consider wearing simple and understated necklaces or none at all.
  • Earrings should also be understated such as studs, not hoops or lots of dangle.

Hair and Makeup

  • This is not a good time to try out a new hair style or color.
  • Error towards having too much hairspray to keep the fly-aways to a minimum.
  • If you wear makeup, foundation, lips, blush and go lightly on your eyes.

Remember, your countenance is more important than your clothes.


  • A button down open shirt or polo is fine if it fits your business or how people know you.
  • A suit or sports jacket over a button-down shirt.
  • Stay away from bright colors for shirts. White is fine, so is dark blue, brown or green.
  • Tie, sweater vest, etc, is optional.

Hair and facial hair

  • Haircuts are always best about a week before picture day and beards should be trimmed.
  • Shave if you need to. Short beard stubble (Five o’clock shadow) is one thing that’s nearly impossible to fix in portraits.

Did you know that we can even create and keep proprietary backgrounds that are exclusive to your company?

Examples of finished professional portraits

We have quite a few backdrops to select from and usually make a selection once your have arrived for your session.

After Your Session

  • We’ll email your Proof Sheet to you, usually within 24 hours. 
  • Please review it and then reply with the image number you’ve selected along with any retouching concerns that you might have.
  • For men, your wife or significant other is most likely a good source of information regarding your best expression.
  • For women, girl friends and co-workers are sometimes helpful if you’re struggling with your decision.

Your portrait will be retouched to our high standards, but we’re happy to factor in concerns that you might have about your appearance. You might be surprised by what we can diminish, correct, or adjust.

Once we’ve finished with your portrait, we’ll return it to to you or to your agent by email. If you would like prints of your image we are happy to offer them.

Finally, if you have ANY questions or concerns regarding your portrait, please don’t hesitate to contact us, (208) 733-4522 – call or text.

It's important to us that you appear your very best.