Sea gull watching the waves on Heceta Beach near Florence, Oregon during February 2012

Oregon Coast – Heceta Beach


From time to time Mary and I have the opportunity to travel and surprisingly I usually make a better tourist than photographer. Normally I’m so excited about getting away that if I don’t put ‘pack the camera’ on the to do list, I’ll forget to even take one. Consequently, once we’ve arrived I frequently need reminded to get the camera out and use it. I share all of this with you because I left my comfort zone and decided to create some pleasing images while on the beach. We spent the night at the Driftwood Inn on Heceta Beach in Florence, Oregon. The beach itself is frequently littered with driftwood large and small and is easily as enjoyable sunny or grey, it just elicits a different mood. I hope you enjoy. I know I did. As you’ll note below, luckily I remembered to pack the camera.